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Sunset Cove Resort
Mike and Erin Gate

1503 Hwy. 71

P.O. Box #558
Nestor Falls, ON Canada 

P0X 1K0


Phone:        1-807-484-2192

Cell:           1-807-276-0650

Cell:           1-807-276-1588



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Our Team

Our professional, friendly and motivated team is what sets Gate's Bait apart.  The business is primarily family ran with the exception of two loyal family friends who also trap minnows and leeches.


Michael Gate is a commercial pilot for over 16 years.  He has spent his adult life working in Nestor Falls flying for local Fly-In Tourism companies.  He currently flies the families super-cub to catch minnows in fly-in lakes.


Erin Gate operates and manages the retail end of the store.  She previously worked in mangement and together her and her husband Michael decided to cast into the tourism business!  She will be the smiling face happy to greet the customers as you enter.


Four years ago Michael quit his full time job to invest in a Bait and Tackle business with his wife, Erin.  Together they have provided bait shops and resorts with live bait.  Last October 2010 they opened up a retail business in Nestor Falls.  The store is a diverse operation which sells sporting goods, bait and tackle, fuel, clothing, souveniers, processes wild game and is fully stocked with convenient food and drinks!

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